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Using SAS Using SAS: Table of Contents

Working with SAS
Menus and icons

At the top of the SAS program, there are useful dropdown menus and icons, like for most programs.

File menu: gives you access to saving, printing, and reading and writing data.

Edit menu: contains the usual editing instructions, like copy, cut, paste, find and replace. These instructions can also be accessed with a right-click inside a SAS window.

View menu: controls which SAS windows are visible. If you ever close your Results, Explorer, or Log Windows (for example) and want to restore them, click on that item in the View menu.

Tools menu: generally not used, but is where you can change options, like font size, used by SAS.

Run menu: generally not used, since the "running man" icon is all that you normally need.

Solutions menu: generally not used, but does give you access to a wide variety of SAS programs for reporting and analyzing data.

Window menu: generally not used; allows you to change how windows are viewed, e.g. tiling, cascading.

Help menu: provides various help choices. The SAS Help and Documention choice opens up the full Help Window, where you can browse or search for information about commands, syntax, and statements for using SAS.

icon (New page, or white page): click this to erase all text in the Log or Results Viewer Window. Click this in the Editor Window to bring up another Editor Window.

icon: Click this to run your program.

While in SAS, drag your mouse over the other icons if you wish to see their descriptions.

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