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Using SAS Using SAS: Table of Contents

opening screen in SASWorking with SAS
SAS Windows

To start SAS, double-click the SAS Desktop Icon, or click the Windows Start menu, then Programs, then choose SAS. If you already have a SAS program (*.sas), then you can right-click on the filename and there will be a menu choice to open it in SAS.

The image at right shows the SAS opening screen.

The Editor Window is where you create and run your program.

The Log Window is where notes and error messages are printed.

The Results Viewer (referred to as Output Window in earlier SAS versions) is where results are shown.

As shown in image at right, you may use buttons at bottom to navigate among windows. Note: windows can be re-sized and moved.

The Results and Explorer Windows are generally not used and can be closed if you wish.

The Results Window will contain an index of the output that you generate by running programs. From this index you can delete or print various pieces of the output.

The Explorer Window gives access to data files. If you double-click on the Library icon, you will see the SAS Work library, which will contain all SAS datasets created while you are running programs.

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