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Randomized Complete Block Design
Single Factor

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8 C. Perform analysis with transformation

You have already completed this module and are re-running your analysis because diagnostic problems were found with your dataset. (what does mean?)

  Modify your %MMAOV statement to include TRANSTYPE= and TRANSVALUE= as determined in Diagnostics G. Transformations

For example, for the RCBD Single Factor with no specialized features (your statements may differ):

%INCLUDE 'c:\webguide\DANDA.sas';
%MMAOV(one, yvar, CLASS=trtA block, FIXED=trtA, RANDOM=block, TRANSTYPE=log, TRANSVALUE=5);

Possible values for TRANSTYPE= are log, log10, sqrt, arcsinsqrt, power, or rank.

TRANSVALUE= a number explained in Diagnostics G. Transformations

 Run the program (click the Submit icon in SAS )


next >> ( Step 8: Check Log Window )

  H I N T S :
  Remember to include quotes around your path designation (and no spaces in your path designation)
      in the
%INCLUDE statement.
  To see additional options for %MMAOV.
  If you have more than one dependent variable, run your SAS analysis for each. Simply copy the first
statement in the
SAS Editor Window, paste it beneath the first statement, and change the dependent     variable name. You may do a whole series of dependent variables in this way (changing the dependent variable name     each time). See an example
  Remember to end each statement line with a semicolon.

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