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About DAWG

Design & Analysis Web Guide began in 2004 as a Teaching with Technology project, sponsored by The University of Tennessee's Innovative Technology Center. Bob Auge saw the need for online statistical support, and did all of the web design and page creation, while Arnold Saxton provided the statistical information.

The objective of this website is to provide a step-by-step procedure for taking research data, importing it to SAS software, using a provided SAS macro to conduct statistical analysis, and finally interpreting the results. This process is identical for most experiments, but differs in the details of regression versus analysis of variance and in that experimental design that was used. As currently planned, there will be 49 analysis of variance modules, and about 10 regression modules, to explain details specific to each type of experiment.  Module list

Several years were spent establishing, testing and fine-tuning the basic module design, and ten years in (2014), we are now in the process of filling in each of the specific modules.

Feedback is welcome: Arnold Saxton


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