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Using SAS Choose Design ANOVA Compare Means Regression Examples
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SAS Software for Research Data Analysis
This module provides an introduction to using the SAS System. This powerful software provides the foundation for statistics instruction in the module set, so students must learn to navigate through common tasks, and manage their programs and data.

Choose Your Analysis Design
Experimental design and scientific objectives determine how a statistical analysis should be conducted. The purpose of this module is to teach students how to identify designs. Once a choice is identified, this module leads the user on to the appropriate analysis module for performing the correct statistical analysis.

ANOVA (49 analysis modules)
\\ About the radio buttons table ... 49 analysis modules, based on 7 experimental designs and 7 treatment designs.

ANOVA Diagnostics
DAWG gives you the opportunity to test for outliers, equal variance and normality in your dataset. Each analysis module links to this module at its end.

If you determine that your dataset contains outliers, unequal variance and/or isn't normally distributed, the Transformations page will assist you to transform your data (part of the ANOVA Diagnostics module).

Compare Means
\\ This module ...

Regression Analysis
\\ This module ...



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