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Comparing Means      


When you run ANOVA models to compare treatments in DAWG, you are using a %MMAOV statement in your SAS Editor Window.     What is the %MMAOV macro?

%MMAOV automatically uses Fisher's Least Significant Difference to run a mean separation test. Results are presented as letters, following a common convention, and two means that have no letter in common are statistically different.

In this module, we provide a resource for learning about mean separation tests, and the more general method to compare treatments, called contrasts. Click here to learn how to choose between these two.

Choose a topic from the table of contents below to learn more.

Mean Separation

What is mean separation?

Using %MMAOV for mean separation

%MMAOV options

Slicing interactions

Comparison of methods




What is a contrast?

What are orthogonal contrasts?

Create contrasts for my experiment

Use %MMAOV to run contrasts

Use orthogonal polynomials

Philosophical difference between contrasts and mean separation

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