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Latin Square Design

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10 Interpret results                                                                                                               

                   Example output    
  Specialized Features
  Replication: Animal Plant
  Sampling: Animal Plant
  Covariate: Animal Plant
  Replication & Sampling: Animal Plant
  Replication & Covariate: Animal Plant
  Sampling & Covariate: Animal Plant
  Replication, Sampling & Covariate: Animal Plant
  None: Animal Plant
This page assists you to interpret results: F tests, null hypotheses, least squares means, standard errors, letter groupings showing treatment differences, etc.

We will guide you in interpretting results by using the SAS output of the animal and plant example datasets. These are presented as pdf files (if you don't have Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher, click to get a free copy). If you are using your own data, these example outputs will look identical to your output, except that the variable names and values will differ.

 First, from the gray table at above right, pick an output based on your specialized feature, and animal or plant choice.

The SAS output will appear in a separate popup window as a pdf file with clickable comments (colored arrows ).

Click on each of the red arrows in the pdf to interpret the results that are of scientific importance. SAS output is comprised of tables and plots. Mostly tables. Click the comment arrows for a description of each table/plot and its importance (or relative lack thereof) to the analysis. Green arrows are informational comments. Yellow arrows are diagnostic comments (you will soon be led to the Diagnostics module, following Step 10, where these will be covered more fully).

 Skip this step unless you have transformed your data. If you have TRANSTYPE= in your %MMAOV statement (what does this mean?), then you need to interpret transformed SAS output:  
    Interpret the transformed means

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  H I N T S :
  The Mean Separation Module contains more information about comparing means, such as contrasts, Duncan's,     Tukey's, etc.
  For a more detailed explanation of ANOVA output, consult a statistics text or the Using SAS module.
  In the SAS Results Viewer Window, you may find it helpful to use Edit Find to locate material.
  You may want to review these terms in Glossary: least squares means, significance level, Pr>F, Type I error, degrees of freedom.

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