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Latin Square Design

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7 Get a copy of the %MMAOV macro

The %MMAOV macro will be used to perform your statistical analysis.         What is the %MMAOV macro?

 Click the button below to download and save the danda.sas macro file.
      Save to your computer in an easy-to-remember directory (such as c:\).

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The file is named DANDA.sas because it contains several other macros. DANDA = Design AND Analysis.

If this file opens in SAS during downloading (as might happen if you left-click to download), click File Save As in SAS to save it on your computer. It is highly recommended that you choose a simple directory location because this same directory location will need to be typed into the %INCLUDE statement.

There is no need to look at the contents of this file.

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  H I N T S :
  MMAOV stands for Mixed Model Analysis Of Variance. It, along with several other SAS macros is contained
     within the file danda.sas which you download from this page. The
% preceding the name is used by SAS for
     all macro names
  If you left-click the GET MMAOV MACRO button, your computer may open the file in SAS, in the Editor Window.
     Or it may give you the option to save it. In either case, save the file.to an easy-to-remember directory. If you
     right-click to save, you may see something like Save Target As or Save Link Target As, depending on which
     browser and browser version you are using. Save to your computer in an easy-to-remember directory (such as c:\).
  The one %MMAOV macro is used for all experimental and treatment design combinations --
     each module explains how to modify the macro for use in that particular module.

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