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opening screen in SAS 1 Start SAS program
      (begin SAS session)

Double-click the SAS Desktop Icon, or Start Programs SAS.

The image at right shows the opening screen.

The Editor Window is where you will create and run your program.

The Log Window is where notes and error messages are printed.

The Results Viewer Window is where results are shown.

As shown in image at right, use buttons at bottom to navigate among windows. Note: windows can be re-sized and moved.

The Results and Explorer Windows are generally not used and can be closed if you wish.

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  H I N T S :

   SAS renames the Editor Window the instant you give the contents a name.
     If you open a .sas file, the Editor Window has that file's name.

  SAS will continue to add notes to the Log Window, not copying over older notes.
     To clear the
Log Window:
     With cursor in
Log Window, hit: Alt-E-R or New icon

   For more details about the basics of using SAS, visit the SAS Module.

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