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Navigating DAWG

If you have never used SAS before, or if you need to review certain SAS procedures, you may start wih the Using SAS tab. This is an introductory module explaining things like how to open SAS, how to import data, the mechanics of running programs.

DAWG is not a statistics primer; it assumes the user has some basic understanding of statistics and experimental design, obtained either via coursework or reading a statistics text.

To begin a SAS analysis, first decide if ANOVA or regression is the correct analysis for you. You can get help with this choice by choosing either the ANOVA or Regression tab.

If you know you will doing ANOVA but are not sure of your design, start with Choose Design. Both it and the ANOVA tab will lead you into an appropriate SAS analysis of variance.


Once you have performed your basic ANOVA, you may wish to visit Compare Means. This module contains information on mean separation and contrasts, including concepts and how to integrate these into your ANOVA.

Clicking the Examples tab allows you to see real-life applications of some research designs.

Under the ANOVA and Regression tabs, you will be led to one of many analysis modules with step-by-step instructions for performing SAS analysis. The basic analysis will be followed by an examination of diagnostics. If the diagnostics indicate corrections are needed, you will be led back through the analysis modules, potentially many times.

Users familiar with SAS may choose to simply review the DAWG steps to assure that they are using SAS correctly.

Students and new users may boot SAS and run it concerrently with this resource in doing the steps as described to perform an actual analysis, using their own data or the simple example data we provide.

You may proceed step by step from start to finish in a module using the Next and Back buttons.
Pink navigation menus are available on the first page of each analsysi module to allow you to jump to particular places in the module.
Hotlinks are underlined in places, or simply provided in blue.

Many terms will lead you to glossary definitions/examples; you may also browse the glossary directly.

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Check that you've selected the correct experimental and treatment design combination
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Whether you are a new or experienced user, Choose Design is a good place to start.

Review SAS basics: Working with SAS: editor, log and output screens. Importing data. Macros. Assessing output.

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