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Introduction to DAWG presentation

The Stats Design Analysis Web Guide (DAWG) walks researchers and students step-by-step through the process of using SAS to perform ANOVA or regression on their data.

DAWG assumes the user has some understanding of statistics and experimental design, obtained either via coursework or reading a stats text.

DAWG guides users to:
     -- select the appropriate experimental and treatment designs for their work,
     -- import their data into SAS,
     -- create the proper SAS statements,
     -- obtain and work with the SAS macro,
     -- revise the macro for their particular design by adding two statements,
     -- perform the analysis,
     -- examine and interpret the SAS output,
     -- check the data for outliers, equal variance and normality,
     -- transform the data if necessary for re-analysis. .

Outline of steps in each module:
     Print this, keep it by your computer, use it to help stay oriented while using a module.

Check that you've selected the correct experimental and treatment design combination
Description of example data sets; use of your data sets
Brief summary of module navigation
Note about our trouble-shooting tips
How to save your work
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Whether you are a new or experienced DAWG user, Choose Design is a good place to start.

Review SAS basics: Working with SAS: editor, log and output screens. Importing data. Macros. Assessing output.

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