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Example Datasets

3At Choose Design, DAWG users may select one of 49 different experimental/treatment designs.

Once one is selected and the user begins that module, example datasets particular to that design combination are provided to illustrate working with the module.

Users may choose a plant or an animal dataset to use in proceeding through the module. Choose the one with which you are most comfortable. In the example shown at right, diet treatments are fed to individual animals and weight gain is the response of interest.

We also point out how to work with your own datasets in SAS.

We use Excel files for our example datasets, as Excel is something of a standard spreadsheet for handling data in Windows-based systems.
Quattro is also very good (Corel/WordPerfect product).

As always, variable names should be at the top of each column. Any illegal characters in the names will be converted to underscores. So in your SAS program you would need to refer to weight_gain in this example.

Remember that SAS recognizes a missing data value as a period in the Excel or Quattro file.

Refer to Using SAS for a refresher on SAS conventions and procedures.

Click the Examples tab for real-life dataset examples.

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Whether you are a new or experienced user, Choose Design is a good place to start.

Review SAS basics: Working with SAS: editor, log and output screens. Importing data. Macros. Assessing output.

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