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DAWG text conventions      

Each page of a module is a Step and is numbered and written in bold.

Actions that you should perform in each Step are indicated by the symbol and are also given in bold.
Some actions have multiple decision points; these are indicated by .

SAS statements will be written in blue and SAS INSTRUCTIONS/TERMS in blue and all caps. Lower case (or proper case) terms are supplied by the user.
    DATA one;
    INPUT diet $ animal $ weight_gain;

Note: many of the terms in SAS INSTRUCTIONS, such as INPUT, are hypertext and link to a definition or more information about the term.

The trouble-shooting utilities will occur as right-aligned tables in peach near text SAS commands:
Problems? Trouble-shooting some common errors

SAS Windows will be referred to in purple

Text requiring special emphasis or attention will be written in red.

Keystrokes and menu choices, e.g. Ctrl-X, are given in green.

Hotlinks are indicated in blue (sometimes underlined, sometimes not).

Check the bottom of pages for the H I N T S resource (light blue and gray table).

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  H I N T S :
  SAVE YOUR SAS PROGRAM occasionally.

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