DANDA.SAS Macro File

This file is used by DAWG to give you access to macros.

These macros are used to run ANOVA (%MMAOV), regression (%REG), and a variety of other tasks.

Dowload this file and put it in an easily accessible folder. By using this file, DAWG is going to make your SAS analyses much easier to perform.

Download DANDA.sas   (right-click to Save File)

If this file opens in SAS during downloading (as might happen if you left-click to download), click File Save As to save it on your computer.

danda.sas is a file that contains several macros used by DAWG. You download it to your computer, then make the macros available to your SAS session by %including danda.sas, then use the macros as instructed elsewhere.

If you saved danda.sas to C:\dawg, then an example SAS program is

%include 'C:\dawg\danda.sas';
data one; input x y;
5 3
7 9
1 2
%reg(one,y, x);


See macros for more detail.