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E. Finish the analysis.

If you identified problems in Steps A through D, the SAS analysis needs to be rerun. Choose one of the red arrows below, which will lead you back through your ANOVA module to re-analyze your data, and then back to this page.

If you did not identify diagnostics problems in Steps A through D, go to You are done!

If Steps B or C showed unequal variance or non-normality, go to Transform your data.

If you transformed your data, rerun the analysis, and you are still returning here with diagnostic problems, go through the transformation step again and choose a different transformation.

If you removed or corrected outliers in Step A: Return to your analysis module to rerun the analysis on the new data.
       To do this, use your browser's Back button, or click on the ANOVA or Choose Design tabs to start over. In SAS, you simply click the Submit Icon again and the new dataset without the outlier(s) will be analysed.

After you re-analyze, you will be led back to this page to ensure that all problems have been corrected.

If you found problems in Step D, you were told what changes to make. Return to your analysis module to run the corrected analysis.

What if you found problems in all steps A, B and C? Go to transform your data first, do not correct the outliers, because transformations may fix the outliers.

  H I N T S :
  Remember, data transformations can fix apparent outliers.
  If you rerun your SAS analysis, always check all diagnostics. For example, removing some outliers may cause
      other outliers to be identified.
  Do not be concerned if you have to rerun your SAS analysis many times. Correction of diagnostics may take
      several tries.

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