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Using SAS Choose Design ANOVA Compare Means Regression Examples
Completely Randomized Design
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First, print this pdf outline of module.
      Keep it by your computer and refer to it as we go. It will help keep you oriented.

Then, begin SAS Analysis of CRD Split-Plot

Check that experimental setup conforms to a CRD Split-Plot

Select another design

Important note: the symbols on each page of the module denote main steps:  actions that must be performed for the analysis to work. More about DAWG conventions

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  Overview of all designs
  Check if design is for you
  Specialized feature?
  Example datasets
  Access data
  Get data input statements
  Get macro
  Get analysis statements
  Perform analysis
  Interpret results
  Check normality; variance;
outliers; model validity

Note: check the H I N T S at the bottom of pages; also the Problems? links for trouble-shooting.

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