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Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)      ANOVA Diagnostics    

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   Single Factor
   Repeated Measures
This page allows you to choose an ANOVA model. Based on your choice, you will be taken to a module explaining how to conduct the statistical analysis.

Remember that ANOVA models are designed to compare means. If you are primarily interested in relationships among variables or slopes, then go to the regression module.

You may select the proper experimental and treatment design choice for your experiment using the yellow table below.

Use the gray table if you wish to view a diagram of your experimental and treatment design combination for each special feature.

For a more extensive guide in selecting your design, click the Choose Design tab.


 CRD:                       Single Factor   Nested   Factorial   Split-Plot   Strip-Plot   Split-Split   Repeated Measures

 RCBD:                     Single Factor   Nested   Factorial   Split-Plot   Strip-Plot   Split-Split   Repeated Measures

 Latin Square:          Single Factor   Nested   Factorial   Split-Plot   Strip-Plot   Split-Split   Repeated Measures

 MS-Latin Square:    Single Factor   Nested   Factorial   Split-Plot   Strip-Plot   Split-Split   Repeated Measures

 Switchback:            Single Factor   Nested   Factorial   Split-Plot   Strip-Plot   Split-Split   Repeated Measures

 Crossover:               Single Factor   Nested   Factorial   Split-Plot   Strip-Plot   Split-Split   Repeated Measures

 Incomplete Block:   Single Factor   Nested   Factorial   Split-Plot   Strip-Plot   Split-Split   Repeated Measures


CRD:                       Single Factor   Nested   Factorial  Split-Plot   Strip-Plot   Split-Split   Repeated Measures

RCBD:                     Single Factor   Nested   Factorial   Split-Plot   Strip-Plot   Split-Split   Repeated Measures

Latin Square:         Single Factor   Nested   Factorial   Split-Plot   Strip-Plot   Split-Split   Repeated Measures

MS-Latin Square:   Single Factor   Nested   Factorial   Split-Plot   Strip-Plot   Split-Split   Repeated Measures

Switchback:           Single Factor   Nested   Factorial   Split-Plot   Strip-Plot   Split-Split   Repeated Measures

Crossover:              Single Factor   Nested   Factorial   Split-Plot   Strip-Plot   Split-Split   Repeated Measures

Incomplete Block:  Single Factor   Nested   Factorial   Split-Plot   Strip-Plot   Split-Split   Repeated Measures

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