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DAWG / SAS Design & Analysis Web Guide
Choose the right experimental design
Choose the right SAS analysis

   The Stats Design and Analysis Web Guide (DAWG) has been    under construction since 2004.  We hope to have all of the SAS    statements posted for the various modules by October 2014    and all example sets and output pdf's posted by August 2015.

Last update: February 9, 2014: Design illustrations. e.g. Latin Square Split-Plot                          Why build this site?

Guides completed: CRD Single Factor  RCBD Single Factor

Guides in progressSee Analyze an Experiment table
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Using SAS
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DAWG's purpose:
    to give an introduction to using SAS for statistical analysis
    to guide students and researchers in identifying the proper
       experimental and treatment designs for their study
    to provide SAS macros (easily used collections of program statements) that conduct
       the analyses covered by DAWG, customized for your experimental data
    to guide users in stepwise fashion through each step of the SAS
       analysis and interpretation of output

DAWG assumes some understanding of statistics and prior exposure to experimental design. It is based on SAS v. 9.3.

Our goal is to develop individual guides (modules) for the experimental designs most used in agricultural and biological research, with a key to assist in selecting proper design:

  Completely randomized design (CRD)
  Randomized complete block design(RCBD)
  Latin square design (LSD)
  Multiple square latin square design MS-LSD)
  Crossover design
  Switchback design
  Incomplete block design

Users may "customize" each of the seven ANOVA experimental designs with one of seven treatment designs:
Single Factor
, Nested, Factorial, Split-Plot, Strip-Plot, Split-Split, Repeated Measures.

Modules are also built to accomodate some specialized features, such as sampling, replication and covariates.

A glossary is provided, as well as explanatory material each step of the way.

SAS is a trademark of SAS Institute, Inc, Cary, NC and is used to refer to their software. No endorsement is implied.

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The project is supported by NIFA Hatch funding, the Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station, the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, the Department of Animal Science, and the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Tennessee.

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DAWG authors:  Arnold Saxton  Bob Augé                                             Paperheads illustration above by Mike Reed

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